Elan Stainless Steel Food Storage Container, Cheeni Sugar Canister, Off White. 0.5Litres

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Elan storage canister Add an eclectic touch to your kitchen with this handsome canister that reads 'Cheeni' or Sugar in Hindi. Complete your set by collecting the Chai Tea and Kaffee Coffee Canisters from the collection. The fleur knob on the top gives it a Classic Elegant Look to match any home decor.MULTI-PURPOSE: Great for use storing cookies, sugar, flour, spices, beans, chiles, pasta and other kitchen staples.Airtight lid keep ingredients fresh and safe from pests or water.

100% Food Safe, Durable Powder Coated Stainless Steel. 100% NON TOXIC. 100% RUST FREE. PLASTIC FREE. EcoFriendly Choice.

1) Unique vintage inspired Daily Purpose Stainless Steel Canister with Air Tight Fleur Lid

2) Light Weight and Durable. 

3) Air tight. Leak proof and Rust proof and easy to clean. 

4) Comes with beautiful sculpted Lid.   5) Capacity:  0.5Litres